Terms and Use.
General Terms

These terms of use are for the Jobseacher company which is then called on the website jobseacher.com. These terms of use are made for several terms and conditions that must be obeyed and carried out by users. These terms of use also govern entirely for the user, who then the user here as the employer, and the user as a candidate.

Employers are users who use this website to look for candidates to be hired, while Candidates are users who are looking for jobs and need jobs to be employed. In general, the use of this website is the terms and conditions that must be approved and adhered to in order to use it.

The benefits of this website content provide information about career development, job vacancies and about company profiles, which can be accessed free of charge and paid by users with terms and conditions that have been made and agreed upon. Content in the form of free and paid job vacancies is fully managed by the Company, which is here at jobseacher.com. Job vacancies provided by users are in the form of third party links, the user automatically agrees and becomes their responsibility.

Our jobseacher.com company is not responsible for or disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, legality, reliability, or availability of any job posting. Jobseacher.com company also provides content to third parties with website links in the form of job vacancies or other information as sponsorships and advertisements.

Access the jobseacher.com site:

  • Jobseacher.com can be accessed according to the latest developments, and jobseacher.com can make changes to the content and appearance of the website at any time for developments and updates.
  • Those who access jobseacher.com must be over 18 years of age who are already working or preparing for work.
  • To take full advantage of and use the website the user makes an account with the settings provided by providing correct information and has agreed to the previous Privacy Policy.
  • Access using the user identity name using email and / or the appropriate user name is included by providing a password to access.
  • Users can provide passwords and user identities and other information as access and data security at the jobseacher. Arrangements for data security and access are not entirely our responsibility.
  • Access can be done by using the internet and understanding the applicable policies, which have been approved and fully responsible.
  • Jobseacher.com is fully the user manager and has the right to activate and deactivate the account in full without any objection from the user according to our requirements and policies.
  • All of this access can be utilized responsibly by the user.

Restrictions on Use and Prohibited Content:

  • The use of website content is only for posting job vacancies, career development, making curiculum vitae, creating company descriptions.
  • Use of installations outside of job content.
  • The usage exceeds the required content data.
  • Posting of content outside the Policy.
  • Posting content related to differences in skin color, religion and others.
  • Posting of pornographic content.
  • Installation of viral material.
  • Installation of the device results in website damage.
  • Installation of robotic or other automated devices.
  • Abuse in device usage.
  • Post useless spam, material, junk mail.
  • Development of other restrictions that have been strictly determined by jobseacher.com
    In the event of a violation jobseacher.com has the absolute right to deactivate the account and to ask for responsibility.

Link to Website.

  • Use of linking job vacancies with its own website.
  • Use of linking his own portfolio profile.
  • It is prohibited to link other websites besides profile portfolios, related job vacancies, company portfolios.
  • Jobseacher.com creates job vacancies with a website link for sponsorships and partnerships.
  • Jobseacher.com creates advertising and sponsorship links.
    Hope this is understood for mutual progress and comfort.

Geographical Constraints

The manager of the jobseacer.com website, is located in Indonesia because it will be constrained by different times as for the publication of job vacancies managed by jobseacher.com. All approval processes follow Indonesia’s geographic timeline.


Jobseacher.com is not responsible for the quality of user downloaded material, which results in damage to your device, namely in the form of viruses and others.


Jobseacher.com has the right to receive payment in full without any return in accordance with the terms that have been determined and mutually agreed in advance.

Website Changes

Website changes and service terms can occur which are entirely the manager’s right to progress and develop a better website.

Rule of law

Legal provisions apply in Indonesia as the issuer of provisions so they must be understood and implemented. Provision violations apply to Indonesian Legal Provisions.

Such are the terms and conditions of use to be understood, provisions are binding to apply.
Conditions apply, before there are any changes to the progress and development of the website.

Jobseacher.com Manager